Ghanisham D. Gulati is a business man who between 1977 - 1997 managed the import trading company, GIS Import - Export GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg and the manufacturing  company for ladies evening dresses, GSI Exports (India) Private Ltd., New Delhi with great success.

Ghanisham D. Gulati was born in 1937 in India and got his Degree of Mechanical Engineering, B. E. (Mech.) from Delhi University in 1959.

1960 he came to Germany, where before establishing his own business in 1977, he worked in companies - Porsche-Diesel GmbH, Friedrichshafen; Massey-Ferguson GmbH, Eschwege; Steinbock GmbH, Moosburg; boco Berufsbekleidung, Hamburg - as Jigs & Tools Designer, Assistant Production Manager, Head of Production Planning and Control Department, Production Manager and Member of Management Board. Since 1978 he is German national.

He is Initiator of "MANAGEMENT OF VALUES - Human Values Development for a useful Globalisation and a fair World Economic System". He has developed these thoughts since 1997.

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