My Approaches

Suggestions have been made for the Human Beings, World Politics, Religions and the World Economic System. For a purposeful Globalisation, a World Politics has been suggested. It is suggested to install a World Economic System which serves all Human Beings.

We human beings do not require to wait for reforms in politics, world economic system, religions or course of action of other human beings. We can take the job of the elimination of poverty on the earth in our own hands. We can earn as much money as possible and after fulfilling our responsibilities, as far as possible, use the surplus for the needy in the developing countries as "help for self-help".

All Religions of this world came into existence in different parts of the world and were based on the then and there prevailing culture, development stage of the people etc. Sadly enough the religions have not created a common basis for the human beings of this global world. It is the job of the religions, together with politics, to propagate and sharpen the awareness of human beings globally.

Is the time not ripe for the politicians of the developed countries to act not only for the development of their own countries/group of countries/continent but consider with their every action the impact on the development of every other country and every human being on Earth? It is suggested to install a World Government.

Through “help for self-help” the developed countries like USA, the European countries etc. (under the coordination and control of the World Government) will make sure that the developing countries, as far as the developing countries want for themselves, are developed.

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