My solutions - which is your way?


  • Human beings can take the responsibility of abolishing poverty on earth in their own hands.
  • How we human beings should act so that the development of humanity is not led to failure.
  • I suggest a world economic system which ensures a purposeful globalisation.
  • Replacement of today's world economic system with an economic system which serves the needs of all human beings.

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In these pages I have suggested

Short Version

We human beings do not require to wait for reforms in politics, world economic system, religions or course of action of other human beings. We can take the job of elimination of poverty on the earth in our own hands. We can earn as much money as possible and after fulfilling our responsibilities use the surplus for the needy in the developing countries as "help for self-help".

In these pages I have suggested for you as a human being, the politics, religions and world economic system which according to me does not lead the humanity to failure.

I suggest a politics which ensures a purposeful globalisation. The time is ripe for the politicians of the developed countries to act not only for the development of their own countries/group of countries/continent but consider with their every action the impact on the development of every other country and human beings on earth.

I mean, it is necessary, that all religions together create a global code of conduct for the material and immateriel development of humanity.

I have also suggested to replace today's world economic system with an economic system which serves the needs of all human beings.

With this course of actions we will create together a nonviolent and joyful global world community.

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Detailed Version




1. The Human beings - Purpose
2. Religions
3. Politics
4. World economic system

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1. The human-beings - Purpose

1. The human-beings - Purpose

The more minutely scientists examine the various forms of total existence, the more they come to the conclusion that every form of existence fulfils a purpose. Firstly it fulfils the purpose of self-existence. At the same time it serves the purpose of the functioning and fulfilment of purpose of other forms of existence in the network of nature.

An example from the huge network of our existence: the sun rays photo synthesis with the plant world to produce oxygen, which is not used only for the self-functioning of plants but it is also made available to other forms of existence for self-preservation and development. This shows clearly that plant life fulfils its function, and at the same time helps the rest of living beings to fulfil their purpose.

Logically, as in the case of plant life, a certain development is expected from humanity and each human being to fulfil with fair actions, functions that ensure the function of self-preservation and development as well as existence and development of other forms of life.

Is it not useless as a human being to push aside the global responsibility, as a human being with the remarks, "it is job of the politicians", or "I did not know it", or "I am just one person, what can I achieve alone?" etc. etc. Please believe me, when you have made a decision for yourself, after reading the following, you can start alone.

It seems unbelievable that in future it may be possible to have a mature form of humanity on earth where no one harms one another and any of the other forms of existence. A Utopia? I say "No", when we develop ourselves appropriately.

Are there solutions? Can you as a corporate leader or a normal human being, immaterial where you live and what you do, can become an active "Fellow-shaper"? Would you like to make the following affirmations for yourself?

  • It has become clear to me that today's forms of Globalisation/Neo-colonialism and world economic system make for the developed countries possible to exploit the developing countries. I would not wait till these systems change. As a beneficiary of this exploitation done to developing countries, it is my job under the limit of my possibilities to compensate it. Education instead Poverty.
  •  I am not going to wait till the politics, economy, economic system etc. change themselves. It is my job to work hard and earn as much money as possible and after fulfilling my responsibilities use the surplus for the needy in the developing countries as "help for self-help".
  • I will become a "Fellow-shaper". I will personally undertake the job of "Helping people to help themselves". It is my job to see that this help reaches the needy to make them self-sufficient and successful.
  • I have 40 US$/month surplus: Through a reliable NGO in developing countries I will take a godchild. This NGO supplies me full details about my godchild. I know which school/class the child is in, which subjects the child is studying, etc. I nurture my godchild as my own child till completion of education and starting of own family etc.
  • I have 200 US$/month surplus: Through a reliable NGO in a developing country I find out parents who work hard along with their children to earn their bear living. The children do not go to school. I compensate the parents the money they earn through the work of their children. I take the children in hand while they live with their parents, and send them to school or learn a trade and carry on as described in the above paragraph.

Or, I will support a youngster whose parents are not in a position to afford the costs of the university. I will be with the youngster till the education is finished and self-sufficiency is achieved.   

  • I have 900 US$/month surplus: I save this money e.g. for few months. Through a reliable NGO, in a developing country, I find out in a village an untouchable families who today work as agricultural helpers, live in poverty and the children do not go to school. I give this money to the NGO to buy them few cows or a piece of land. These families will stand on their own feet. Lifelong I will remain in touch with this family. The children go to the school/university and perhaps in a few years as developed human beings will be in a position to contribute to the development of humanity.
  • I have 4,000 US$/month surplus: I will network with other people of similar possibilities. With the help of the Government e.g. in an African country, a vocational education centre will be established.
  • I have 9,000 US$/month surplus: I will network with other similar people to take responsibility of one village in a developing country.
  • We are millionaires / middle class billionaires/ super rich or we are political authorities or we are corporate executives: we will act alone or network with other similar people and take responsibility of many villages in a developing country. We will develop there infrastructure, schools, universities and industry.
  • I will, depending upon my possibilities in my small group, my village, my city, my land, my continent, together with others, engage myself in non-violent protests against negative politics/world economic system (using the immense contact possibilities through today's enormous electronic media - the internet etc.).It is a difficult job to find out a reliable NGO. In India for example there are thousands of NGOs. The Planning Commission of The Government of India has recommended to contact a NGO in Mumbai which yearly gives out a list of 200 certified NGOs. The website of this NGO is: On this website when you click "Certified NGOs" you will find a list of NGOs working in different fields. A detailed information of these grass root NGOs are available on this website. In spite of this it is important to have a direct contact with the person / persons receiving your help. Please be careful of NGOs who are not willing or not in a position to make it possible for you to have a direct contact with the recipient of your help. In other countries a similar strategy has to be adopted.
  • I know that my activities are led by my qualities and habits. I know also, that I have to do my actions more and more with positive qualities. As quickly as possible, I will give up my qualities of development direction one and two and use qualities of direction three and four (To read this please click above the link "Worth Knowing, "Human Values Development and "Human material and immaterial values development)", if necessary I will take help of meditation. I will do my best to achieve the highest possible development in my life.

According to my findings when you with all your best possibilities go on this path, you will experience a real joy of life which you have not witnessed yet.

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2. Religion

2. Religions

All Religions of this world came into existence in different parts of the world and were based on the then and there prevailing culture, development stage of the people etc. Every religion, apart from its esoteric and mystic components, has given behavioural guidelines for the development of a human being as well as for coexistence with other human beings.

Sadly enough the religions have not created a common basis for the human beings of this global world. Seeing from today's perspective the main religions have laid greater weight on the development of esoteric and mystic components. Up till now they have not succeeded in developing a world community which produces positive values for all human beings of this earth.

In today´s global world every human being requires common guidelines for self behaviour for living together with other human beings and other forms of existence on the earth to enjoy life with security, success and happiness.

It is the job of the religions, together with politics, to propagate and sharpen the awareness of human beings globally, in the schools, training institutions, politics, economy and academies etc. for the "positive global human values", social fairness and corporate ethical-moral-responsibility towards all forms of existence (human beings, animals, plants etc.)

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3. Politics

3. Politics

In "Globalisation/world economic system"  we have seen today's politics of countries/group of countries/continents in interaction with the world economic system.

In 2016 Elections in USA the right-wing of the Republicans won the elections. It showed that many people in USA are not happy with their present economic and other conditions. The Slogan of President Trump "America First" made it clear that US Government want to take care of their own problems. Their attitude towards flagging European-Union or less interest in NATO etc., shows that the World Power of the western world USA is not interested in their leading roll.

Is not this a chance for the Wold Politics? The UN has the job to control the world politics. But does not have the necessary full power.   

Is the time not ripe for the politicians of the developed countries to act not only for the development of their own countries/group of countries/continent but consider with their every action the impact on the development of every other country and every human being on earth?   

Let our world politics be reformed as follows:

A world political organisation (a changed new UN) will be installed. There will be no United Nation Security Council.

This new UN and the governments of the countries/group of countries work together on the principles of a federal system. The new UN is responsible for the unity, constancy and observance of a fair and equitable behavior among all countries. Institutions like IMF, WTO, World Bank etc. will be modified and put directly under this new UN so that these can not be manipulated by individual countries for their own benefits.

The responsibility of the new UN in close coordination with governments of the member countries will be as follows:

  • Create framework with the Governments of the countries/group of countries for a purposeful material and immaterial development of all people on earth. The basis for that will be delivered by the institution of "global human values" as mentioned above under point 4. Religions.
  • Under the new UN a world institution for "Help for self help" will be installed. All the members install an institution of "Help for self help"  in their countries. The aim is: Remove the miserable situation of the poor in the developing countries.
  • The respective government of the member countries will install the  Institutions of "Help for self help" in different parts of the country. 
  • In coordination with schools, professional training centres, universities etc., the job of "Help for self help" Institutions would be to help, train and empower the needy according to their capabilities and mission.
  • The possession of arms and their use anywhere in the world is under the control of this new UN. Through preventive measures it is the job of the new UN to prevent any conflict between nations. Aim is to solve the problems without use of force.
  • To accomplish these responsibilities, finances and know-how are needed to ensure a meaningful industrialisation of the developing  countries. The controlling power over the finances will be with the new UN. A "World Help Fund" will be created. The developed countries like USA, Canada, EU, Australia etc., instead of present development aid, will make a financial contribution in this fund. The developed countries will supply the know-how free.

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4. World economic system

4. World economic system

How will it be if we together change our existing world economic system in the light of the "global economic family". Let us together stop the till today ongoing exploitation of the developing- and emerging Market countries. Following are few basic thoughts.

For manufacturing any product we human beings require money, raw materials (such as iron ore, crude oil etc.) and knowledge. It will be the job of the new UNO to establish a world economic system with following basic criteria. The development of the framework as well as coordination and control will be in the hands of the new UNO. The principle of federalism in working together of new UNO and all the countries/group of countries will be applicable here also.

Here are the Basic Criter

  • Through "help for self-help" the developed countries like USA, the European countries etc. (under the coordination and control of the new UNO) will make sure that the developing countries, as far as the developing countries want for themselves, are developed. After that every country/group of countries will produce its own demand, so far possible and sensible, as per its own requirements. Production of products will be possible only when the human beings have, as written under "Human-Beings -  purpose" have gone to the school, have learnt a trade and have gone to the university. Trade balance should be equal. In-Payment should be equal to Out-Payment.
  • The raw materials (gift of nature) will be divided per person on the earth. Every country/group of countries, depending upon number of inhabitants, gets raw materials for their countries.
  • The worldwide created knowledge (Research & Development), irrespective of where a piece of knowledge is created, will be passed on immediately to other human beings on earth.
  • The cost of extraction of raw materials will be made available through an Investment fund which is put under the coordination and control of the UNO.The countries/group of countries divide the costs as per their GDP.
  • This way it can soon be yesterday that the export subsidised agricultural from USA and European countries are sold in Africa. Or that the bottles filled in Europe with drinking water are being sold in Africa or other parts of the world because there are no water treatment and bottle filling plants.
  • As far as possible the trade takes place directly between the producer and consumer. The multiple trade levels - export/Import/wholesale/retail can be dispensed with. For the transport/delivery/customer service companies will exist in all parts of the world.
  • The competition between the human beings/countries/continents is regulated differently. The human beings communicate and compete with one another worldwide for further development of the products which help the human beings to achieve a optimum meterial and immaterial development.
  • All the human beings on earth are freelance - from worker to a business owner. Every human being is free to choose his/her profession and get trained according to interest and capabilities. As a "fellow-shaper" every human being enjoys equal dignity according to principle of subsidiarity and has the responsibility to provide "help for self-help" to other human beings.
  • Every occupational group has its own association. Every association is a member of umbrella association of the world. The umbrella associations are put under the coordination and control of the new UNO.
  • Every occupational group - from a worker to business owner has an income depending upon occupation, capabilities, performance etc. It will be the job of the associations and umbrella associations to specify fair income measurement categories. The highest and the lowest income has a ratio a factor. This factor is so determined that no human being on earth earns less than 50% (defined by WHO as poverty line) of the average income on the earth.

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5. Conclusion


When we human beings succeed in implementing what is written in these pages the results and benefits that can be expected are:

  • Every country/group of countries/continent sine qua non will have the in-house resources required for the production of the products which make sense and can secure the material and immaterial development of its citizens.
  • The exploitation and wars in the world which take place to ensure the supply of required  raw materials will cease.
  • Jobs do not wander from one country/continent to others for cheaper production costs but remain in the country/continent itself. There will be hardly any unemployment. It will be possible to regulate working hours according to the level of technological development and the degree of automation.
  • All over there will be independent human beings who together share the work for the further material and immaterial development of all human beings on earth.
  • There will evolve a humanity which works globally (beyond the borders of  countries, continents, colour, sex, stage of development, politics, religions etc.) for a positive development of all existence.
  • This path will bring all a happy life. For example: What do the parents who bring up their children and make a lot of things available for their development (often with self-sacrifice) get? Pure happiness, when these children later independently master their lives and develop themselves to be good human beings.

What amount of happiness can a person await, when that person through "help for self help" stands by others as much as possible for their development?

  • And for the religious human beings: Irrespective of the religion to which a human being belongs, he can attain the final aim propagated by his religion here on earth and not after death (because that person is in a position to perceive  the oneness of the totality and for whom God is nothing but the sum of all the functional powers existening in all human beings, animals and plants etc.

Muslims will achieve their "jannah"; The Christians and Jews after the separation of Adam/Eve from God "unification" with God; the Buddhists their "Nirvana" and the Hindus their "Moksha", during their lifetime and not after death. 



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