My Suggestion

I have travelled this world little, have seen lot of poverty and decided to do something against it.

With this website I want to insert me for development of human values,  for a purposeful Globalisation and a fair World Economic System.

My aim is to promote the human values development in the world, to ultimately help poor human beings affected with poverty in the developing countries.

Donation? No, thank you!

You think now, I want donation for my work. But this is not so.

My suggestion is: You take the responsibility yourself!

Let us help the Politics and Economic System to remove, the through us Human beings produced Poverty, in Developing Countries.

The elimination of poverty on earth lies in our own hands!

Details of my suggestion you can read in:


My question: Would you also take this responsibility, to help poverty affected people in the developing countries. Or you are doing it already?

For an Answer, I will be very much thankful to you.


Ghanisham D. Gulati

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