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Human Values Development for a useful Globalisation and a fair World Economic System


Ghanisham D. Gulati


Since the action of human beings have global impacts, the development of human race, especially in the past 500 years is highlighted.

Generally when today we talk about immaterial values, we say: European values, Western values, Asian values etc. Don't you think that human beings today require "Global human values" for their further development.

Do you know that from the total added value, created by the import of ready to wear products, for example textile clothing or sport shoes etc., about 80% of the money remain in the European/USA etc. economy and only 20% goes to the developing countries or emerging market countries? The use of prevailing forms of Globalisation / Neo-colonialism and world economic system enable the politics and the economy of the developed countries to exploit the developing and the emerging market countries. We, the normal human beings in the developed countries, knowingly or unknowingly, are the beneficiary of this exploitation. Fair trade, development aid etc., are "facades" of the business corporations and politics of the developed countries. The restructuring of the world economic system and the Globalisation is, according to me, indispensable. But even today we can, by spending only 40 US$ per month or millions, depending how much we have at disposal, reduce the poverty and miserable conditions in Africa, South America and Asia. This Website suggests precise Solutions.

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