Since the actions of a human being can have global impacts, the development of the human race, especially in the past 500 years is highlighted.

From 15th. Century A.D. onwards European traders and business people had started travelling by sea to other continents of the world. These traders and business people as well as later the other responsible people from the governments mostly practiced there systems of imperialism, colonialism, slavery etc. What are the results?

After explorations, the decimation of aboriginal peoples living in America and Australia, the deterioration of highly developed economies of India and China was carried out. The British were successful in establishing themselves as colonial masters and in 1857 took complete control over India; Great Britain had opium wars with China and made the Chinese drug addicted; Africans became slaves; with this direct exploitation Europe, USA, Canada, Australia achieved their material development.

After the end of colonialism, about middle of twentieth century this direct exploitation was replaced through neo-colonialism - an indirect exploitation. " Fair Trade " , development aid etc., are " Fassades " of the business corporations and politics of the developed countries. How is the development of human beings on earth today?

The 1% leftover of the native Indians of USA/Canada and the Aborigines of Australia, still live mostly in old reservations once created for them. Today Brazil is an emerging market country. The rest of the countries in South America are reckoned as developing countries. India and China have still big Problems of poverty and backlog in development, India much more than China. It does not need any explanations and details to know the present level of development of majority of the people in Africa. TV shows us enough of the present situation of wars, violence, poverty, diseases, corruption and the desperate situation of the most of the children. The negative results of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq etc. are self-explanatory. People in Europe, USA/Canada and Australia had a tremendous material development during the last 500 years.

What are the in depth reasons for doing till today such persistent devastating and exploiting actions during the last five hundred years? To learn about that please see "World economic system"; "Qualities - generating values"; "Human Development".

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