Human material and immaterial Values Development


      • Depending upon the intensity and frequency of practicing positive or negative qualities and as a result the produced positive or negative Human Values every one sets his development himself. This Development is totally variable and unique.
      • To fully understand these distinct variable directions of development only four directions have been illustrated.

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      Short Version

      Human Values Development


      Every person develops himself in all combinations of development direction one till development direction four stated below. Depending upon the intensity and frequency of practicing positive or negative qualities and as a result the produced positive or negative Human Values every one sets his development himself. This development is totally variable and unique.

      To fully understand these distinct variable directions of development only four directions have been illustrated.

      People of Development direction one make frequent and intense use of negative qualities while doing actions. They create values such as: Exploitation of others involved, Arrogance, Anger, Hypocrisy, Egoism, Ignoring the rights of others etc.

      The present development of human beings shows that in the long term this group of people produce negative values for others and for themselves. 

      People of Development direction two make frequent and intense use of negative qualities while doing actions. They create values such as: Inertness/listlessness/inactivity; untruthfulness/falsehood; fearfulness; carelessness; stress effects on brain; constrained perception; no clear thoughts; despair; constrained rationality etc.

      They fight against human beings of development direction one and try to take revenge. They think by using violence their situation will become better. Do they really better their situation or in the long term severely damage to their own development?

      People of development direction three make frequent and intense use of positive qualities in their actions. They create values of freedom, truth, responsibility, understanding, tolerance, respect, compassion, love etc.

      People of Development direction four: This is the highest development level for human beings. These human beings see the oneness of all animate and inanimate (universe, earth, living beings - plants, animals, human beings etc.). They possess equanimity under difficult situations. They adopt qualities of the highest degree and utilise them for the good of all existence. Their happiness arises from making the others happy.

      People of development direction three and four, with their non-violent kumminication and non-voilent agitations are in a position to achieve results for a positive development for all the involved people.

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      Detailed Version




      1. Development direction one
      2. Development direction two
      3. Development direction three
      4. Development direction four

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      Which development do you want to achieve for yourself?

      As we know, every human being creates with each thought, word and action a value for himself and for others who are interconnected in the worldwide social network. From the early emergence of human beings till now we know that the basis of all activities and the produced material values (money, property, other ownerships etc.) and immaterial values (disregard the rights of other human beings or other forms of existence through exploitation, arrogance, egoism, unfairness or on other hand supporting others for their development with help for self help through Tolerance, Respect, Compassion, Love etc.) is mainly the culture and the prevailing Zeitgeist. With these created values every human being sets for himself a unique development to attain during his lifetime.

      We know that the material development of human beings is measurable in money and is world wide determined as GDP of a country.

      In "Qualities - generating values" on hand of a simple example it has been explained how immaterial values created by different qualities are also measurable. Bhutan is one of the poorest countries in our world. Since long an index called "gross happiness product" is being determined. People in Bhutan are very happy. I feel, it is high time as in case of material development, to make the immaterial human development in every country world wide also measurable.

      To fully understand the distinct variable directions of development let us, as examples, illustrate only four directions. Depending upon awareness development, every person practices totally variable, the below written negative as well positive qualities. The resulting form of development is therefore also totally variable in all combinations from development direction one till development direction four.


      When the actions of a human being are based mainly and intensely on practicing negative qualities, written in development direction one and two and less positive qualities, written in development direction three and four, then this human being has chosen the way of development direction one respectively two. On the other hand by practicing mainly and intensively the positive qualities for his actions, he is on his way of development direction three respectively development direction four.

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      1. Development direction one

      1. Development direction one

      From the section "globalisation / world economic system" do you remember of the example of a person who had firstly developed the habit of over-eating and later developed other qualities such as greed and injustice etc. This had led to the frustration and animosity of others.

      Let us find the negative results of further negative human qualities/ activities of development direction one.

      A person can get addicted to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling etc. What will be the expected short/long term result of such a conduct? Health problems? economic problems? Problems with other people?

      A person can also get addicted to a longing for power and tend to use violence against others.

      By practicing still other negative qualities/actions a person can create values, such as:

      • Arrogance/pride/overestimation of self
      • anger/roughness; hypocrisy; untruthfulness; aggression
      • selfishness; Ignorance about social code of conduct; Ignoring the rights of others; Lack of understanding about the limits of personal and violating the freedom of other human beings and other forms of existence on earth; Attitude of take as much as possible
      • Fearfulness; Attitude of drawing boundaries - I, my family, my village, my city, my country, my group of countries; my continent; Classifying other human beings as  foes and friends; Use of violence/wars to kill  foes
      • Excessive attachment to material development - to become rich as quickly as possible - if necessary even at the cost of others, using unfair means
      • Deriving zest of life/well-being from the material possessions; Exhibiting material possessions; Worries generating cravings and clinging to material possessions


      The present development of human beings shows that this group of people has long produced negative values for others and for themselves (please see development direction two and "globalisation/World economic system").

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      2. Development direction two

      2. Development direction two

      Let us track the life story of thieves, liars, those who resort to violence, murderers etc. How did these vicious habits develop? Is it possible that these individuals experienced poverty and injustice from others since childhood and so learnt to go on this path? They could not develop the power to follow a normal way of life, and so were pushed into negative behaviour and habits.

      History reveals that a single person, or group of persons, or a small percentage of human beings who have followed development direction one can cause a lot of harm to the development of other human beings, group of people, countries or even a continent.

      It is also seen that such a group of human beings have been in a position to install legal systems/ institutions/ laws etc. for their own benefits, and used these to cause great harms to others.

      Huge differences between rich and poor, with great difficulty bridgeable gaps in knowledge, big differences in motivation, use of violence and wars were always apparent up till today. And that is what and how the human beings of development direction two emerge.

      As we know, every conflict (initiated from one or both the groups) - starting from verbal disputes through the use of violence - creates a winner and a loser for a short or long period.

      But the loser is in the negative zone. These human beings always try to come up but under given circumstances fall back again. This situation can remain unchanged for generations ( please read "Globalisation/ world economic system")

      There are also people in development direction one who, in spite of  wealth, power and living standard, come to understand the absurdity of their actions. They find no life fulfilment and happiness and fall back in development direction two.

      In case people in development direction one or two are fortunate they further develop in themselves already existing qualities of development direction three, and are likely to achieve success in this endeavour to extricate themselves from the morass into which they had fallen.

      The prominent features of the development direction two are:

      Inertness/listlessness/inactivity; untruthfulness/falsehood; fearfulness; carelessness; stress effects on brain; constrained perception; no clear thoughts; despair; constrained rationality etc.

      In such situation the human beings move in the following possible directions:

      • They discard their Inertness/listlessness/inactivity and transform themselves in development direction one.
      • They become alcoholic; addicted to drugs; addicted to gambling etc.
      • They become inactive, fall into a state of  depression, and, under given circumstances can harm themselves or others.
      • They become criminals, can do lot of harm to others and become a great burden to others.
      • They form groups and fight against human beings of development direction one and try to take revenge. They think that by using violence their situation will become better. Do they really better their situation or in the long term severely damage to their own development?  


      The reasons why a human being falls in development direction two are immaterial: Whether by their own action, or mistakes of their parents, or because of the environment, culture, ignorance, circumstances and wrongs/injustice done by other human beings etc.,  it is the duty of every individual not to give in to the circumstances; not to fall in development direction one; to work hard; to get help and do all to stand on one's own feet.

      In case these human beings are not successful and the others do not make haste to give them "Help to help themselves" then a vicious circle of development direction one and two comes into existence: Developments to date show that the humanity has not been able to break this vicious circle.

      Is possible for us to avoid the trap and bring out those who have already fallen into this vicious circle? Please read on.

      Due to their positive inner attitude, people of  development direction three  make frequent and intense use of positive qualities in their actions.

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      3. Development direction three

      3. Development direction three

      Let us look at the behaviour of people of development direction three who produce values like freedom, flexibility, understanding, tolerance, respect, compassion and love etc. for themselves and for others involved.

      Let us analyse a story of two students who have recently started their studies at a university. One of them has started studying political economy and the other one philosophy and social sciences. By chance they meet in the  canteen, start talking to each other and find each other sympathetic. They start meeting frequently and become friends.

      Freedom: In the beginning every thing goes well. Both of them are considerate and respect teach other's freedom. And we see that a friendship  developed based on mutual respect.

      But in due course of time the student of philosophy comes to know that although he himself acts according to the principle: Make decisions concerning oneself without the interference and pressure of others, but at the same time to be careful that "my freedom terminates at that point, where the freedom of others begins". But his friend although demanded full freedom for himself, did not take much care for the freedom of others.

      For common enterprises the one studying political economy realised quite often his wishes and notions without taking care of the rights, wishes and views of his friend. 

      The student of philosophy then discovered even more about his friend. The political economist hailed from a very rich business family. He had a lot of money at his disposal. He smoked costly tobacco in his pipe, drank a lot and in addition had some negative qualities like being angry, arrogant etc.

      Initially the philosophy student thought it is better to terminate the friendship.  But then he thought about his firm belief that one has to overcome barriers and use one's positive qualities to help others help themselves.

      Flexibility: To know more about his friend, whether he find his own way back to positive behaviour, and if not how far he could assist his new friend in his further development, he adopted himself to the changed behaviour of his friend.

      Here we see the value of patience, to remain steadfast despite the behaviour of others, but follow a parallel path for the fuller understanding of the truth.         

      Truth: He tried to open the friend up and learned that his friend was brought up by his parents as a single child with little care. The parents were more attentive to their business (make it as big as possible, earn a lot of money etc.), so that his friend experienced little love. In his heart he was a lonely person and not strong in positive behaviour.

      Here the philosophy student produced a value: "To create a basis for oneself to practice humanity it is first of all necessary to know the truth".

      Responsibility: Due to his positive attitude the philosophy student knew that his friend required help. He himself had the capacity to understand and to experience the value of love in practice.

      Give instead of take: The philosophy student did not think of his comfort and benefit. Instead, by using of the quality "Give instead of take" he laid the cornerstone for a value to be achieved in the future for the further development of his friend and himself.

      Understanding, non-violent communication, non-violent protests, tolerance, respect, compassion: the philosophy student shows understanding for the negative behaviour of his friend. He does not criticise him and conducts clarifying non-violent conversations about the incidents. Politely he tells him that his behaviour had hart him and requests him to change it in future. In case it is necessary, sometimes he uses non-violent protests to show him the results of his negative qualities. He himself is in search of such  happenings and uses positive qualities to show his friend the achieved positive values.

      This opened the eyes of the student of political economy. He saw the positive results himself and started practicing more and more positive behaviour.

      Love: The result was a balanced friendship, filled with happiness and confidence to enjoy the fruits of a human relation filled with love.

      People of development direction three practice predominantly positive qualities and possess amongst others following character traits:

      • By acquiring greater knowledge of positive qualities and making practical use of them they live mostly without fear and enjoy life.
      • They work hard for their material and immaterial development.
      • They act according to the motto: The results achieved through my work are not for me alone. They take care of themselves and their family and use the surplus as "help them help themselves" for those in need.
      • They practice self-discipline, self-control, straightforwardness, humbleness, patience, compromise, forgiveness etc.
      • With non-violent protests and a positive communication, these human beings are in a position to talk and know the truth about their fellow beings in a group of two or in a small group (irrespective of development in which they find themselves). Their Purpose is to give a helping hand to others for further development.
      • They do not entrap other people and do not get entrapped themselves by others.
      • They are in search for fresh knowledge for self development and pass on their learning to others for their development.

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      4. Development direction four

      4. Development direction four

      This is the highest development level for human beings. The job is not easy but not impossible and is understandable. People in this stage of development have acquired the following character traits:

      • These human beings see the oneness of all - animate and inanimate  (Universe, earth, living beings - Plants, animals, human beings etc.). They see the unity of the human species above the boundaries of countries, religions, their diversities or their stage of development. They observe that everything is connected to the other with networks and all are dependant on one another.
      • They know that the different human beings/animals/plants etc. differ from one another in qualities, values produced by them and their respective kinds of development. But all are made of matter, energy and functional power.
      • Religious people at high levels of development direction four perceive "God" in every form of existence. The sum total of every thing for them is "God" (It is immaterial how you want to define this God).
      • They also possess equanimity under difficult situations. They have vast reservoir of patience. Even in the face of the worst allegations and defamations they do not get offended. With an attitude of self-criticism they scrutinise and where required change their own attitudes and actions. They are quick to forgive and always ready to help others non-violently to change themselves positively.
      • They adopt qualities of the highest degree and utilise them for the good of all existence. They know very well that every form of existence and every human being is on the time axis in a developing stage.
      • They do not divide the world into friends and foes. They have achieved the stage of accepting others as they are irrespective of their behaviour, whatever the values they produce and whatever the stage of their development. They are utterly selfless, their sole purpose is to help others non-violently to develop themselves in development direction three and four.
      • Their awareness is so perfect, that even in the worst company they are not misled and remain on their path of development.
      • Their happiness arises from making the others happy.
      • Even when others deliberately harm them, they remain steadfast on the positive path, and help them to come out of their negative behaviour. These human beings with their power of non-violent protests and non-violent communication possess the strength, even against masses of human beings and countries, to achieve all possible positive results for the involved.


      Do you know now the stage of development attained by the scientist Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa or Mahatma Gandhi as mentioned in "Qualities - generating values"?

      The reduction of development direction one, means the development direction two reduces itself and development direction three and four get accelerated. But if less effort is given to development direction three and four, greater development occurs increasingly in development direction one and two.

      But persons in the lower regions of development direction three and four may lose a part of their positive development if they get caught in conflicts between people of development direction one and two.

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