Human material and immaterial Values Development

Human Values Development


Every person develops himself in all combinations of development direction one till development direction four stated below. Depending upon the intensity and frequency of practicing positive or negative qualities and as a result the produced positive or negative Human Values every one sets his development himself. This development is totally variable and unique.

To fully understand these distinct variable directions of development only four directions have been illustrated.

People of Development direction one make frequent and intense use of negative qualities while doing actions. They create values such as: Exploitation of others involved, Arrogance, Anger, Hypocrisy, Egoism, Ignoring the rights of others etc.

The present development of human beings shows that in the long term this group of people produce negative values for others and for themselves. 

People of Development direction two make frequent and intense use of negative qualities while doing actions. They create values such as: Inertness/listlessness/inactivity; untruthfulness/falsehood; fearfulness; carelessness; stress effects on brain; constrained perception; no clear thoughts; despair; constrained rationality etc.

They fight against human beings of development direction one and try to take revenge. They think by using violence their situation will become better. Do they really better their situation or in the long term severely damage to their own development?

People of development direction three make frequent and intense use of positive qualities in their actions. They create values of freedom, truth, responsibility, understanding, tolerance, respect, compassion, love etc.

People of Development direction four: This is the highest development level for human beings. These human beings see the oneness of all animate and inanimate (universe, earth, living beings - plants, animals, human beings etc.). They possess equanimity under difficult situations. They adopt qualities of the highest degree and utilise them for the good of all existence. Their happiness arises from making the others happy.

People of development direction three and four, with their non-Violent communication and non-Violent agitations are in a position to achieve results for a positive development for all the involved people.

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