Network of all forms of existence-origin of humanity


Scientists tell us that the creation of our universe took place 13,7 billion years ago to make it possible for galaxies to get developed and that each form of existence is interconnected in a complex network to other forms. Creation of earth and atmosphere took place 1,5 billion years ago to let the living beings develop themselves. They tell us also that all different forms of existence - all forms of matter, stars, galaxies, universe, animals, plants, human beings etc. - consist of quarks, or cells, that is packets of energy. All forms of existence which appear in the endless vastness of time and space come and go. 

Mostly religions believe that this is all God's creation.

It is the basic purpose of life to develop itself and fulfil its purpose as well as to help other forms of existence for their development. But have the human beings who for their own benefits are using power, violence, wars, unfair dealings, exploitation of others understood the purpose of their lives?

What makes every form of existence to function? Is there something that is uniting these different forms of existence? If you want to know please read "Unity in all Forms of Existence".

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