Qualities - Generating Values


We know that every human being is different. No one is same. The basis for the development of a human being are his qualities.

For oneself and others, human beings can be free, active, truthful, responsible, insightful, tolerant, compassionate, loving etc. On the other hand they can be full of anger, greedy, arrogant, selfish, untruthful, unfair, addicted to money and fame, haughty, brutal etc.

All these qualities can be exercised fully variable in its entire range of intensity and frequency.

The qualities form basis of all activities. The activities produce the material values (money, property, and other ownerships etc.) and Human Values (disregard the rights of other human beings or other forms of existence Arrogance, Egoism, Unfairness or on other hand Tolerance, Respect, Compassion, Love etc.). The sum of all material and Human Values produced for oneself and for others is the crop of one's life (fulfilment of the purpose).

What material and Human Values, development and purpose would you like to achieve during your life? For that please see "Human Values Development" and "My Approaches?"

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